Lassiter Mason

Lassiter Mason is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of financial experience across a diverse group of industries including real estate, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, food service and agriculture. With a strong expertise in strategic planning and cash flow analysis, Lassiter has distinctive strengths in corporate restructuring as well as crisis management for firms in financial distress.

During his career Lassiter has held key senior management and CFO positions, including that of turnaround CFO of a regional manufacturing company. This broad experience base has enabled Lassiter to quickly identify and assess the key metrics affecting distressed companies. Some of Lassiter’s engagements have included: nonprofit veterans and housing groups; vertically integrated aluminum extruders; golf courses; numerous agricultural operations; multi-family apartment and construction portfolios; government contractors and multiple court appointments as a Receiver.

Lassiter received his MBA in Finance from Georgia State University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Management from Tulane University.



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