Growth Strategy

growth-strategyAs you are growing your business and trying to put together a plans for the next 1, 5 or 10 years? Have you considered the capital requirements to get you to your goal?

We know sales can solve a lot of cash flow problems, but maintaining the quality of work that your clients are accustomed to during high growth periods can be tricky.  The cash flow implications around new hires, equipment purchases, lease versus buy decisions, office space accommodations, and other critical decisions have a major impact. At Renascent Business Solutions, our team is experienced in properly projecting the financial implications of a business strategy.

When considering the weighted average cost of capital, the ramifications of over or under capitalizing can be a costly mistake. Developing a sound financial model is not only valuable when making capital decisions, but can also help you project the outcomes of your business decisions along the way. Once you are sure of how much funding you will need to support your short and long term objectives, it is time to find the right partner.

Most people feel that a bank is a bank is a bank, and that equity partners are all looking for the same thing. You would be surprised to find that investor strategies are as diverse as the businesses that they invest in. It is all about knowing the right people to fit your business. Whether you are profitable or upside down, willing to give away 20% or 51%, you need someone to value where you are and where you will be in the future – an investment group that makes sense for you.

At Renascent Business Solutions, our process begins by building a financial model for your business that will identify the strategic opportunities for expansion. Our team will ensure that the target aligns with the strategic direction of your short-term and long-term goals during any acquisition. From due diligence, to the post closing merger process, our team will ensure all operational efficiencies and economies of scale are realized.

Maximize your true potential and ensure you have properly planned for all of your business needs. Contact Renascent today!

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