Flying Blind

Ever worry that you are not getting the detailed information that you need to effectively run your business? You have a keen sense for the right decisions necessary to grow your business, but you wish you had the numbers to prove your instincts right. They always say the devil is in the details, and the details are borne out in the numbers in business. On occasion, having insights into the financial ramifications of your strategic business decisions may cause you to re-evaluate your position. Those who consistently and sometimes even successfully fly by the seat of their pants eventually fly too close to the sun.

flying-blindThis happens often when the CFO whom you trust with your numbers is more of an accountant than a financial forecaster. There is a big difference between looking in the past to determine what happened yesterday and predicting the outcome of your strategic vision tomorrow. Very few accountants have the where-with-all to properly forecast. In order to properly build a financial model, you must dig deep into the business and the market.

At Renascent Business Solutions, our team of experts go as far as breaking down the profitability of each client segment to determine where your money is made and lost. It is imperative that new opportunities for operational efficiencies and profit improvements are evaluated against short-term and long-term potential.

It can seem like a daunting task to be able to present correct numbers in a meaningful way, but in reality all it takes is a financial partner who takes the time to understand your business and vision as well as you do. At Renascent, it is through our level of commitment that you will receive the high-quality, actionable financial insights that will allow you to make the right decisions for your strategic vision.

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