We find solutions in situations where others can't.

Whether your company is struggling to meet the obligations of your debt or equity requirements, need expansion capital or need to improve your bottom line our team is here to help.
Our Approach

Our team of experts will analyze and correct business issues to turn your company around in the right direction.

Our Philosophy

Finding the right partner and the right resources shouldn't be a full time job.

Our Services

• Restructuring Debt or Equity
• Improving Margins
• Turnarounds
• Process Automation

The Team

Meet the Team

Jeffery K. Burks

Managing Partner

Jeff Burks has over 25 years of experience creating revenue growth and reducing costs within technical, environmental, construction and industrial services industries. Jeff has particular expertise leading multi-unit organizations and is an expert in delivering start-up and turnaround operations profitability. He has established, owned, operated and directed small to large public and privately owned companies.… Read More »

Jeffrey M. Granger

Managing Partner

Jeffrey M. Granger has over 25 years of experience as a finance executive, advising companies in various states of financial distress or decline. He has been associated with over 300 companies in various industries, providing financial restructuring services, budgeting, cash management, product or service costing, sales & marketing support, materials management, production scheduling and strategic… Read More »

Keith Hyatt

Managing Partner

Keith Hyatt is a seasoned real estate professional with more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of real estate, with a particular emphasis in real estate development of luxury and urban high-rise, multi-family, and master planned communities for both public and private concerns. Keith specializes in real estate finance, development, and restructuring covering… Read More »

Lori J. Launderville

Managing Partner

Lori J. Launderville is a professional with over 30 years of experience in administration, senior management, marketing and business development rolls coupled with over a decade of turnaround management experience in a variety of industries. With diversified experience and success in a variety of senior management and business development roles, Lori has extensive knowledge of… Read More »

Lassiter Mason

Managing Partner

Lassiter Mason is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of financial experience across a diverse group of industries including real estate, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, food service and agriculture. With a strong expertise in strategic planning and cash flow analysis, Lassiter has distinctive strengths in corporate restructuring as well as crisis management for firms in… Read More »

Barry Powers

Managing Partner

Barry Powers has over 15 years as a business executive in varied industries. Having a passion for business all of his life, has ventured in the entrepreneurial world with a focus on creating value by fixing broken businesses. Businesses fail for many reasons, and knowing the right thing to do is not always enough. Even… Read More »

Tracy J. Totten

Managing Partner

Mr. Totten, a 54 year old American, is the founder and president of Saigon Wash & Rag Company. His company manufactures and distributes men’s, ladies and kids apparel to retailers and wholesalers, throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company also has its own retail outlet. He has 34 years of business experience across multiple industries.… Read More »

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